Frequently Asked Questions

Do my customers have to have a credit card from the same bank as my merchant account?

No, any valid Visa, MasterCard Solo and Electron credit card from any bank will work. In fact the card does not even need to come from the Bangladesh. Any valid MasterCard, Visa Solo and Electron card from any country can be processed using EasyPayWay.

What currency will non-Bangladeshi customers be charged in?

The transaction will appear on the customer's credit card statement in their local currency. If your Merchant Account and currency you set in the transaction is in a different currency to your customers, the customers card issuing bank / financial institution will convert it to their local currency.

How do I process a refund using EasyPayWay?

You simply need to log in to your EasyPayWay Merchant Panel and find the transaction you wish to refund and click on the refund button. The cost of this transaction is the same as a normal credit transaction.

I need to refund a customer but their credit card has now expired. How do I do this?

You will need to obtain the new expiry date from the customer and then change the expiry date when you process the refund.

I need to refund a customer more than the amount of the original transaction, can this be done?

No, for security reasons you cannot refund a transaction for more than the original amount.

I need to refund a transaction for less than the original amount. Can this be done?

No, for security reasons you cannot refund a transaction for less than the original amount.

I am getting an error message processing a particular transaction. What does the error message mean?

For full listings of common bank error messages please see the Response Code Section.

I am testing our shopping cart system and when I put in a test card number like 4444333322221111 it comes up with the error "92, Unable To Route Transaction"?

This is the correct error to receive as that card number is not associated with any bank, but does conform to the LUNH check that verifies it as a valid card number.

I have processed a transaction through my shopping cart but it is not in my EasyPayWay report?

This means that either your shopping cart is NOT passing the transaction to the EasyPayWay live gateway or you are passing an incorrect EasyPayWay CustomerID. Please contact your web developer. Make sure you are pointing to the live EasyPayWay gateway.

Can I have multiple logins for my EasyPayWay account?

Yes, you will have one administrator account that can create an unlimited number of users and have full access to their permission settings.

Can i use multiple currency in my site?

Yes, you can use multiple currency in your site. When your customer proceed for the payment, Currency will be converted to BDT with live Yahoo Currency Convertion Tools.