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EasyPayWay is a online payment gateway for Bangladesh Market. We enable eCommerce businesses to process debit and credit cards online quickly and securely!

Through our range of eCommerce solutions we automate your online payments saving you time and money! All debit and credit card transactions are processed in real time directly into your Internet Merchant Account.

Get online faster with our expert eCommerce advice, simple integration, the widest range of integrated shopping carts, and FREE 24/7 support you can rely on.

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Payment Gateways

In today's globalised electronic world, it is important to provide customers with easy access to all services on your website. While designing items like the details of your products and services, and creating web forms to make sure that you are contactable at all times is easy, there are other aspects of a webpage which are more difficult to organise. One of the most complex items to finalise is the payment portal. Since money is being transferred through this gateway, it is one of the most important parts of your site. It has to be secure from unwanted eyes so that it protects the personal details of your customers as well as the details of your business' bank account. If you are looking for a company which can take care of your payment woes then you are on the right website. Here at EasyPayWay, we can sell you an ecommerce payment gateway which will give your customers the ability to transfer money to you quickly and securely. Worry no longer about whether your incoming transfers are safe from hackers or not. By being able to process all sorts of credit and debit cards, we are allowing your customer base to expand so that anyone can benefit from your business. So, how have we managed this? The answer is simple. we have developed our product and sold it to companies all over the Bangladesh. With all of this experience under our belt, we are now ready to help your business solve its payment problems.

Automate Your Business

Regardless of the size of business which you are running, if you have a commercial website, you will need a payment portal to ensure complete convenience for your customers. We offer a variety of differently priced packages for these payment solutions and we are sure that you will find one to suit your budget. Apart from offering you affordable ways in which you can accept credit card payments online, we also offer you a number of other services to assist in the growth of your business. We provide step-by-step assistance while you set up your website so that you can get everything organised smoothly and with as few hassles as possible. Within our different packages, we have a wide variety of integrated shopping carts so that you can choose which ones will best suit your business' requirements. By purchasing one of our payment gateways, you will be given the freedom to fit our products in with your business. We want to ensure that your needs are met when you choose EasyPayWay as a provider of efficient solutions to your payment problems. And, if you do not currently have an Internet Merchant Account - which is required for online transfers such as this - we can link you up automatically with one of our supported banks so that you can conveniently arrange everything without having to leave your home. After this, all that you will have to do is wait for the customers to arrive at your website and start purchasing.

Security and Convenience in One

If all of the above has not convinced you of how simple it is to set up a payment portal through EasyPayWay, we have some more tricks up our sleeves. Firstly, we can add extra security to your webshop by allowing you to download an SSL certificate from our site. This technology is accepted worldwide and assures the customer that the site which they are browsing is safe. These certificates are a great way to increase client confidence when anyone is using your ecommerce store. And, as confidence increases so will the amount of your sales. Secondly, we give you the option to send an invoice to both you and your customer when a transaction is completed through your merchant account payment gateway. This will mean that both parties are notified of a successful payment and can keep an accurate record of all money movement. Additionally, we will give you the ability to refund and recharge any transactions that have been made in case something goes wrong. Furthermore, with our software, you can easily track sales, compile shipping information, respond to customer queries, and keep track of the details of your bank accounts. All of these benefits come together to create a payment portal unlike any you will find elsewhere. This is why you should choose our product and will continue with us for future expansion. If you have not experienced pure convenience and reliability before, now is the time to connect to EasyPayWay.

Bangladesh Payment Gateway

So, whether you are running a large multinational organisation you will benefit from the payment portals sold through this website. With the perfect blend of customisability, security, and convenience, you will not find a better payment solution anywhere else on the web. After a simple setup process, your customers will be able to make transactions from their credit and debit cards to your bank account with ease. This will allow more clients to be able to purchase your products and services allowing for a wider range of people to access the benefits which your business can provide. If all of this has shown you exactly what EasyPayWay can do for you, why not sign up for an e commerce payment gateway today? The registration process is simple and will only take a few minutes. After we have received your payment, the gateway will be effortlessly integrated into your website meaning that you will be ready to go in no time at all. If, after reading all of this, you still have some questions about our product, you can send us an email (support@easypayway.com) and our helpful support staff will get back to you as soon as possible. We do our best to make all aspects of our business as convenient as we can.